Rockstar Roll On Original

The formulation that started it all features 20+ terpene rich botanical extracts blended with organic carrier oil in a 10ml roll on to keep your skin glowing anywhere. Activate your endocannabinoid system ~ without any cannabis or CBD products at all!

Rockstar Roll On Original

The formulation that started it all features 20+ terpene rich botanical extracts blended with organic carrier oil in a 10ml roll on to keep your skin glowing anywhere. Activate your endocannabinoid system ~ without any cannabis or CBD products at all!

Certain essential oils have been recognized as effective healing agents by cultures around the world for hundreds of years.  Many of these familiar plants contain terpenes that have been found - in more recent research - to influence our endocannabinoid systems in potentially beneficial ways much like the terpene profile in cannabis plants. This helps us better understand traditional association of anti inflammatory outcomes with frankincense oil or calming and relaxation benefits with lavender.

Rockstar RollOn ~ Original is formulated to gently activate the cannabinoid receptors found throughout bodies by carefully balancing 20+ botanical extracts together in organic, non comedogenic carrier oils. Reduce inflammation and redness, support your body's natural self-healing processes and promote healthier, glowing skin~ without any cannabis or CBD products at all.

10 ml concentrated oil in amber glass bottle with stainless steel roller ball

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How to Use Rockstar Roll On Original

10 ml of super concentrated oil blend arrives in a discreet amber glass bottle with stainless steel roller ball.
Shake well before each use!
Roll on gently to targeted areas.
Allow to absorb, don't overblend!
Re-apply more frequently to support the recovery of more damaged skin.

Got to Face the Face Oil

Since before it had a name, Rockstar Roll On Original users have reported remarkable improvements in overall skin health, more vibrant complexions and more rapid recoveries from skin inflammation.

CBD Free - For All
I started developing this skin oil blend years before any cannabis or hemp products were close to legal or accepted, even in California where we lived at the time. As a new mom, I wanted to find ways to reduce our everyday dependencies on antibiotics and powerful synthetic medications.
I come from a family of surgeons. I know you want that stuff to work when you really need it. Multiple studies show that the drugs don’t work as well when chronically overused.
This blend of over twenty botanical extracts and essential oils has worked for my family for nearly twenty years now. I always called it my ‘rockstar’ because you can use it almost anywhere to help your body heal itself from skin inflammation gone wild.
The 2018 Farm Bill first made working with CBD possible, which gave birth to Rockstar Roll On Entourage. I discovered CBD added to the original blend makes a more powerful skin oil, given CBD’s unique anti-inflammatory properties, which help further soothe redness, irritation, and sensitive skin.
Even so, Rockstar Roll On Original remains completely hemp and CBD free, and so, our most gentle formulation, safe to use on our most delicate and empowering tissues.
Everyone Wants Glowing Skin
People talk about ‘glowing skin’ in so many contexts, it has become a sort of totem or symbol of some state of ideal health or wellness. And even though our skin is the largest organ in our body, talking about ‘glowing skin’ usually means talking about our face.
Science offers many studies that help us understand this obsession with our own faces, and the faces of others. Many ‘findings’ suggest a basis in some sort of evolutionary reproductive fitness.
Science has chronicled the “reason-unseating effect of a beautiful face”, as has thousands of years and history. That lovely confusion we feel is our brain going through many complex processes.
When we perceive ourselves or others as attractive, our brains release feel-good chemicals like dopamine and endorphins. Something similar happens when we physically smile to ourselves or to others.
These chemical releases cascade across our bodies, promoting positive emotions, enhances self-esteem, and contributes to an overall sense of well-being. Having higher self-esteem boosts our confidence and positivity. This, in turn, can greatly enhance our interactions and relationships with others.
Inflammation & How to Beat It
We all know what seeing red spots on our face in the mirror feels like. Breakouts, bug bites, sunburn, shaving cuts, bruises - they all require our inflammatory response to heal. But leaving the house with a red, irritated face never does much for our self-affirming energies, regardless of intention.
Fortunately, our skin is also the largest organ of our endocannabinoid and immune systems. Cannabinoid receptors are found in nearly all types of epidermal cells. Phytocannabinoids can enhance natural healing by influencing these receptors.
Many of the same phytocannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis plants are also present in various essential oil plants, including lavender, copaiba, frankincense and other oils in the Rockstar Roll On Original formulation.
Essential oils like these have been used to relieve inflammation in many cultures for centuries. Science has found that "essential oils augment the endocannabinoid system in a positive manner to mitigate various pathologies”.
For instance, copaiba oil is known for both anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, capable of providing relief from pain or discomfort. Copaiba has been associated with improved outcomes when it comes to fighting infection and supporting our skin’s own natural healing processes.
And that’s just one of over twenty botanical extracts in Rockstar Roll On Original. This time-tested formula helps your skin bounce back from all kinds of inflammation, whatever the cause, as rapidly and as gently as possible.
Why Facial Oils Matter
Our face has some of our most delicate skin tissue in our body - and also, some of the toughest. Depending on lifestyle, our face is likely to take most of the damage inflicted by our everyday environment - sun, wind, extreme temperatures and air pollutants all being not great for our face.
Our face doesn't need any more work to do. If we're going to put anything on our face, it better be helping
To be clear, Rockstar Roll On Original is super concentrated and intended to target damaged or stressed skin. This botanical extract roll on helps skin heal more rapidly, and gently, without making it worse. And while it wasn’t formulated as an everyday face oil or all around moisturizer, you could use it that way given the recipe.
For instance, we use organic jojoba as a carrier oil for these blends, itself an anti-inflammatory. Rich in nourishing antioxidants, jojoba is also non-comedogenic and clarifying to the skin all on its own. Jojoba is a perfect carrier oil for skin as it speeds absorption of the botanical ‘payload’ into the skin and bloodstream without leaving anything behind to wash off or clog pores.
If you are still wondering about using oil on your face at all, or what clean, organic, green options you have, checkout this recent list of natural face oils from a trustworthy source.
Phytocannabinoids for the Win
Applying phytocannabinoids on the skin helps reduce redness and inflamamtion in targeted areas. It activates our endocannabinoid system to do so, in turn boosting our immune system as well. The better our immune systems can handle inflammation and manage inflammatory response, the more our skin will 'glow'.
When applied topically, especially around the face, Rockstar Original formulations appear to deliver aromatherapeutic benefits consistent with the reputations of their ingredients. Our users consistently report gentle ‘relaxing’, ‘calming’ and even ‘intoxicating’ effects. And of course, science has long shown us that our olfactory experiences are themselves keys to our mental states.
Using Rockstar oils in daily self-care rituals can enhance our well-being and empower us even more. When we focus on positive outcomes in our practice or when we smile to our heart as in yoga, we produce those immune boosting hormones. We can amplify their benefits when we activate our endocannabinoid systems with intention in these rituals.
Rockstar Roll On Original enables anyone and everyone to activate their endocannabinoid system and to realize these benefits - without any hemp or cannabis ingredients at all!
Not neccessarily stoned, but beautiful - are you experienced?

Product Summary

Topical oil blend safe for face and delicate skin turns up your natural glow. Activate your endocannabinoid system where it matter most, soothe skin redness and reduce inflammation on the way to healing yourself.

Rockstar Roll On Original carefully balances over 20 different botanical extracts together in fast-absorbing, non-comedogenic carrier oils. Promote glowing, healthy skin anytime, anywhere with 10ml of concentrated oil in a discreet amber glass bottle.

Shake well before each use! Apply gently to challenged areas with anti-bacterial stainless steel roller ball.

Allow to absorb, don't overblend! Roll on and let it soak in. For really severe inflammation, re-apply regularly - but lightly - to help speed things up.

Rockstar Roll On Original users report glowing skin, more vibrant complexions and more rapid recovery from skin inflammation. Activate your endocannabinoid system - without any cannabis or CBD products at all!