CBD roll on & intimate oils enhanced with botanical extracts | Rockstar Woman

rockstar: when who you are meets up with who you want to be
Meet Founder and Formulator

Heather Reilly Hiemstra

The magic of live music and its possibilities of ecstatic transformation have inspired Heather in her journey since childhood, from professional actor to record industry scout, jeweler to blacksmith, alchemist to Rockstar Woman.

Heather believes, simply enough, that when we feel good, we can do good, and that the world needs more of that from all of us.

Building these formulations and helping hundreds of clients feel better since launching the Rockstar brand in 2018 is just the beginning of giving back for every comp ticket, every backstage pass, every ride to the show ~ every ecstatic, transformative moment life has shared with her.

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Not necessarily stoned, but beautiful.