Nov 26th 2023

Thankful for Cannadelic St.Pete - Hope to See You There for the Holidays!

This Thanksgiving weekend we were talking about how we couldn't be more grateful for the people who made Cannadelic Summer this past July such a fabulous event.

I first met producers Colleen and Pete of Creative Loafing at a local event here in Sarasota. Their invitation to speak in St. Petersburg prompted John and I to renew our Rockstar business efforts this year.

We met so many amazing people this summer, only one thing could make it better: getting to do it all over again for Christmas!

Speaking on Sex, Psychedelics and Cannabis

Since much of what we've learned in developing Rockstar Woman has lead to understanding the power of orgasm in activating our immune systems and overall well being, it felt good to speak about sex on a panel with other sexual wellness professionals.

Heather Reilly speaking on Sex, Cannabis and Psychedelics - source photo credit Tampa Bay Times

Since Rockstar products aren't about crazy psychoactive experiences, it was fun being a sort of voice of moderation while pushing the envelope at the same time. People were expecting maybe 'secrets to wild rockstar sex'; I spoke about the importance of keeping ourselves healthy sexually in order to age beautifully.

I spoke about daily rituals, menopause, breathwork and the hard work to fully open up to our partners.

And of course I spoke about supporting our changing bodies with topical plant medicines, reminding everyone we don't necessarily have to get high to benefit from phytocannabinoids.

So maybe not as rockstar sexy as expected, but as it turns out, well received.

I was at Cannadelic Summer yesterday… you had me almost in tears listening to you speak

We all need to have desire, to feel good. Women have been supporting libido, hormone balance and well being with botanicals for centuries. Thanks to the emerging cannabis and psychedelic communities for helping me spread the message!

New Friends and Allies

Heather & Ricky, our ecommerce hero from LeisurePayThe team at LeisurePay were some of the first folks we met through Cannadelic, before anyone even arrived at the Factory.

We reached out to them about getting our e-commerce finally right. Ricky and team came through for us with custom point of sale and web solutions just in time for the show, and were awesome support in person as we figured it all out in real time. We are so grateful for their straight forward, 'get it done' way of doing business.

We met so many people growing the holistic health and counter culture community in St. Petersburg - we had no idea. Carlos and the team at Chillum hosted a super fun kick off event at their new space.

There we were introduced to the Holistic Industry Night event series promoted by Cherried Events. We made it up for the October event where we met our amazing new friend, founder Natalia Lopez of Hazel Academy.

We can't wait to get back!

Winterdelic - just a few weeks away!

Click to get your tickets - hope to see you there!